Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, I'm not actually there yet...

I am sitting in my room here at College Club, amongst the mess I have created as I begin to tear apart my room.

My current agenda:

More packing, cleaning, etc.
Last Yoga class at L.A. Fitness tonight at 7...but then I get to see Aleyse! Finally! hehe.

More of the move-out mess.
Drive home to deposit things.

Ride back here to my messy apartment with ma mere.
Load up the truck with bike, mini-fridge, and any other item deemed "large".

Do a belated birthday with Dad. Lunch or dinner, possibly at White Elephant.

Then come back down here and finish getting everything back to the way it was when I moved in here. Once I am officially moved out I'll be flying out from RSW on the 29th to stay in NY until the August 4th.

Then back to Fort Myers. Then back home. Then to Atlanta. Then to Golden.
Yipee : D

Ciao for now ; b

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