Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lolly Mares Shoot

Do you remember when I did the teddy bear photoshoot?
Well if you go to the homepage above,
Marty & I are the second picture that pops up!
haha : b

Okay, so on that same weekend I did a photoshoot
with the lovely Lolly Mares!
Her work is great!
Below, is a link to the project I was a part of:

A side show act filled with circus freaks!
I was a burlesque style hooper!
Think Vaudeville...?

This one is my absolute favorite from the shoot.

Action shot!

This one kind of captures me doin' what I do.

& a bit of silly to end with : D


Friday, November 26, 2010

A Not-So-Typical Thanksgiving Celebration

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it did not begin just like every other year.

My family is in Florida.
My family is in Texas.
Some family went to Boston.
I'm still in Colorado.

Kelsie and Chris (My coworker & her hubby) picked me up
early in the morning and we went down to the Wellness Center
while it was closed to squeeze in a workout.

I did my very own Treadmill Turkey Trot!

hehe. I ran my 5k watching the Macy's Day Parade.
Now, that is something I am thankful for: My Health.

After a very accomplished feeling morning, we went to
the recently-purchased-oh-so-lovely-home of Kelsie & Chris
to break-in the kitchen with Holiday cooking.

I made Kim O'Donnel's pumpkin pie with a clean little secret
the night before, and worked on my sweet lime glazed roasted
sweet potatoes at their place.

They made a delicious brussel sprouts dish with macadamia nuts,
craisins, parmesean, and onion. Oh. so. good!
Homemade stuffing, and cinnamon ice cream too!

Once the dishes were hot & fresh from the stove
it was time to head to stop #1.
At their friends' house we ate, drank**, and played
at least 27 rounds of Catch Phrase.
haha. Too fun!

**My vodka-cran-mimosa was massive & waaaaay to strong for this gal! I had a few sips and called it quits : b

In the later part of the eve, we went to Brea & Terry's place!
This was where I got to be with all my friends from work.
It was time for round two of dessert...and games!!!

On the menu: homemade gelato: raspberry or blackberry,
chocolate pie, fresh whipped cream, and pumpkin pie from scratch.

Game of choice: Telephone Pictionary.
Yes, that is as awesome and chaotic as it sounds : D

The night began to wind down and I got dropped off back
home around 10 pm. Talk about a fun-filled day.

It was a fun Thanksgiving with friends, but family was
still missed nonetheless. I made many calls throughout the day
and got to hear a lot of familiar voices.
Some I hadn't heard in all too long.

Today is Black Friday:
My purchase of choice. A pre-sale Bonaroo ticket online!
Speaking of purchases, a certain someone bought his ticket out West.
hehe. Now I just have to wait until Dec 10th.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I found out mid/late this week that

Ahh, I am so excited for this next internship.
& sad that this one is ending so soon...
I only have two weeks left : /

As part of the celebration, well, not quite planned so,
but with perfect timing nonetheless
I went to the Denver Improv last night.

Aries Spears was absolutely hilarious!

Also, this week I started making my professional portfolio.
Oh man, growing up is scary stuff.
But kind of in my nature to always be looking ahead.

Thinking I might do my ACSM cert. over winter break.
Thinking I'm gonna have an awesome summer ahead!
Thinking I could use a change in my hair.
Thinking I should start that 8 page paper due Monday...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sunday

Was spent with friends and family.
Below are some pictures to prove it!
Morning hike- mommy tried to jump the cliff! AHHHH!

Steve & Sean arrived around 10:30.
Correction 10:33- the three minutes following the half hour were spent watching them from the kitchen window as they passed by my place, and then looped around, and then stopped, and then called & confirmed that they had indeed,

  • A little tour of mi casa.
  • Some catching up in the kitchen.
  • A drive (with my poor, poor backseat directions) up to
Lookout Mountain to see the "M"

Steve: He came, He saw, He drove ...up Lookout!

A delicious lunch at D-Deli.
Yes, the "Popeye" was on the menu as the best sandwich in the world.
For confirmation of such, please contact Rachel & Mari.

Mommy & Me on Buff's Bull!

From here, the lot of us: Me, Mommy, Sean, & Steve
headed to the Coors Brewery for a
They were fresh out of Pumpkin Ale- Boo.

But we did try: Batch 19, Killian's Red, CO Native, and Winterfest.

Sean & I on the Bull.

Later in the day Mommy & Me went to the
Dark Horse in Boulder, CO.
Great place!
Loved the brick, wood, and air hockey atmosphere.

Tonight's special request: Rocky Mountain Oysters.
Q'est-ce que c'est? -->
Just google 'em if need be!

& MAJOR props to momma for trying those "oysters" ; b

Momma & Me: Our first CO Outing

Hello all!

So, my momma arrived to Golden, CO sometime around 5 p.m. on Friday.
I mean, her plane landed at 1 p.m. at DIA, but that's a whole other story...

Stop #1:
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant.
It is right down the road from my house & I had heard good things.
Since mommy & me always celebrate our Texas roots together via Tex-Mex food
I figured her arrival was the appropriate time to celebrate!

Then after making back to mi casa,
we both passseeddd out! It had been a long day for momma's travels,
& myself having woken up at 4 a.m. that morning...

Yesterday was Saturday & we got our rental car in the morning.
Yay! Enterprise guys : D

First stop was: The Red Rocks Amphitheater!
With such a natural beauty being right down the road- it's a spot you cannot miss!

It was filled with a huge workout crew. Literally almost 100 people!
They all came out for the good weather to run the stairs & do ski conditioning workouts.
There was some fantastic eye candy ; b

Mommy on the Red Rocks!

& me too!

Ta da!

Mommy said push-ups would make us fit in!

We went inside the Red Rocks Museum & looked at the list
of performers who have played there- it dates back to 1908!

Mommy found John Denver!

After our first little taste of adventure, and a bit of exercise,
we took our appetite over to Mountain Sun in Boulder, CO.

Delicious Food. Hippie Charm. Cute Decor. & Board Games. Love this place!

As we continued on our way down Pearl St.
we got a huge treat!
The Boulder Farmer's Market was still running!
Turned around, parked the car, perused the booths,
and photographed the carrots...

The building is the most magical looking tea-house.

On the way over to Pearl St. Mall I sat for a minute with some friends.

Mommy met a pig : D

He was filthy!

We stood on a bridge behind some kids!

Very cool minimalist playground at that ^

Mommy threw her first snowball...AT ME!

I just stood in the snow

After playing on Pearl St. & watching the street performers
we went to Celestial Seasonings !

Dressed to tea-se?

We got tons of tea samples- they have 73 flavors!!!

With warm tea-bellies, we braved the chilly sky outside!

The tour was really really cool!
SO many fun new facts I can share with my tea-loving friends.
Sadly, no pics allowed inside during the tour,
but afterward...



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A picture-perfect post!

This is mainly for the non-facebook fam who do not get to see all the pics I post there : D

First up, the Aveda Institute haircut that ended up being free:
Which left me all smiles : D

Next in line, the winning picture from theseriousteddybear.com photoshoot:

haha. Aww. Look! A college "couple."

Some of the pictures were just too fun to be taken as seriously as the teddy bear was.


*Lots of laughter occurred during this photo-session : D
Also, it did SNOW yesterday! For maybe 30 minutes tops.
But still it was enough to leave me feeling chilly & silly. haha
Today has been so great!
Sue's spin class was wonderful! Can't get enough of it!
Plus, at lunch time I found at my friends Steve & Sean had stopped in Golden for lunch!
I rushed into Jenn's office for permission & went...no, I ran to Woody's Pizza to surprise them.
It was so nice to see those familiar faces : D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is...

This morning everyone at work everyone is telling me it will
this evening. I just shake my head & say, "No."
(as if that will change a damn thing)

Some snow in New York. Circa Spring break 2009?

My good mood is unyielding these days : D

Yesterday I taught my first spin class- it went amazingly well!
I got great reviews & it left me beaming all day long.

Anna let me borrow her car yesterday, so I washed it on the way home!
We watched part of an old movie & she shared her delicious chocolate cake!
I made two more hats too!

I got a wonderful surprise call from my friend Sean on Sunday eve.
He & some of the outdoors crew from Gulf Coast will be here Tomorrow!
How exciting!

GA Camping Trip. Summer 2010. Left to Right. Front: Me, Sean. Back: Christian, Mark. = The coolest tent ever!

Then my momma will be here on Friday!

(Also, I am still waiting for the photoshoot pics to post. Ahh!)
Can't wait for that either : D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good things come to those who...

...search on Craigslist.

Seriously, I feel like this really helped set the tone for my stellar weekend ; D

This whole last week has been fantastic.
A lot of positive energy.

  • My momma is coming to visit me next weekend!!!
  • I had a fun time at work- special health fair event days, special topic projects/ presentations for the Biggest Loser programming, starting a new yoga series, & got a fully functional pair of cycling shoes (+ I bought a jump rope....or two)!
  • Meeting new people, random people being kind, nice compliments (giving & receiving), great weather!
    haha. Hey all you Florida birds, so sorry it's 50ish degrees there. It's in the low sunny 70s here ; b

Last night was the photo gig from craigslist.
The website above is revamping some of their old images.
I got my friend Marty involved & we blew this picture outta the water:

Can't wait to post our version!

Also, the photog was originally from Florida.
Currently he lives about 2 streets from me here in Golden.
Has two adorable kids, so I totally dropped the babysitter's card : b

Today was Downtown Denver.
I am feeling more and more comfortable using the public transit system now!
Bussing it is a breeze- hehe.

Saw a Veteran's Day parade!
Brought my hoola-hoop along for the journey &
hooped next to a beat-boxer named "Preach."

Heard a lot of great tunes up & down 16th Street Mall.
Had a great lunch:
Whole-grain mini-baguette + a small slice of goat's milk brie.
Gave half my baguette to a kid trying to sell me stuff...
Say no & kill 'em with kindness.

Went to Aveda Institute!
If you can ever go to one- do so! ahh! I love these places.

Waited 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment
and got that haircut for FREE : D
fine by me!

mmm. And now I am comfortable in my bed.
a.k.a. the floor mattress. hehe.

Cheers to you all.
Namaste & goodnight!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Perky Me : D

Today I realized how incredibly happy I am
with my life : D
There are many reasons why &
the following are some thoughts on such matters:

My Poppop just turned 80 years old!

Every weekend I get to talk to the most amazing people in the world: My Family & Friends.

I am fully enjoying my work here at this internship; my coworkers are fantastic.

Planning. We all know I'm a planner ; b

Seriously though, I'm graduating in the Spring & this Summer is going to rock.

Taking spin class with Sue, hulahooping, yoga & trying to do handstands proficiently...

This list has a lot of brevity

but it's only a handful of the things that make me smile.

I think this may become a recurring theme though.

Too much at once could be a little obnoxious- even for this smiley gal ; D