Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday Time Away.

Saturday night I went with friends to The Love Boat.
This place had to have been the most fun I've ever had eating sushi.
Seriously, it was a birthday extravaganza!
Meaning that we celebrated my birthday,
alongside five other tables celebrating birthdays.
(I also think this is the only place left that does not check ID to confirm a legitimate birthday.)

The lights dim, 
a funny hat is thrown on your head, 
and all the guys working behind the sushi counter dive down 
and pop up wearing glow in the dark costume pieces and silly wigs.
The place is very lively and the music is wonderful!

The following day I went to Torrey Pines to spend a lovely Sunday
with more friends : D
Looks a little something like this!
 So we walked down the beach first,
then up to the stairs (one of the trail heads). 
It was just a beautiful day, and I even saw a lone seal splashing in the water.
I also found a really cheap Lobster Dinner. $$$
We stopped a few times to take pictures with the ocean sparkling.
The view from the top was divine!

CA beaches have cute lifeguard stations in the distance.
(& strange men in the foreground...)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two days off!

Hello all! 
In an unusual turn of event I have had two consecutive days off in the past two weeks.
How did I celebrate the occasion?
Well, after doing all of my homework and then some on Sunday, I set out for an adventure Monday morning!

Okay there was a slight delay in beginning my big day out. Enterprise was super busy and it was a very rainy morning. However, when it was around the time I got my rental wheels it had cleared up to a beautifully sunny afternoon.

I stopped at Sprouts and got a day’s worth of yummies, popped in a good driving soundtrack, and ventured onwards to La Jolla. 
(For all you Florida folk that is LA Hoy-uh. Not LA Jolla like it’s typed. Hehe

La Jolla looks like this:
and this:
Because it has beautiful...squirrels:

With lots of:
And lots more:
So the Seals were having a sleepy morning, except a few crazy pups chasing a sea gull around.
It did start to rain briefly and while that storm rolled in I waited out the weather in the Contemporary Art Museum. 
Nice exhibit and great view of the beach still. I wandered around the shops to take in more sights as it drizzled down on me and took in delicious aromas from each street corner.

Next I headed into the San Diego area- specifically the gas lamp district.

Here I saw more shops, but with a historic/ vintage theme to the overall area.
I drove onwards towards Balboa Park, and before I knew it dinner time was rapidly approaching.

I met a coworker at Passage to India.
Where we dined on pure yummyness : D

After dinner we made plans for another outing later in the week: Foot Massage**

** A note on foot massage. We went last night to the place that she frequents for a foot rub. I mean, it costs $20 and it’s an hour of pure bliss! It’s not just a foot rub. They massage your scalp, face, neck, arms, hands, feet, legs, your back, and then they do some Thai style stretching. Seriously, it was amazing! (I told her later that it also might be the most fond memory I’ll walk away from California with) :b  

Monday, March 14, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Animal Edition
The day's adventure begins with Saige
and Paige!
We arrived at the zoo to be greeted with hungry hippos.
Silly monkeys struck a pose!
The biggest coy fish ever enjoyed their cool stream,
While this cool koala slept in his dream.
Some piggy things looked dirty and gritty,
while Mr. Camel stuck his tongue out- see how spitty!?!?
A shaky foot massage if you please,
A rattler down below whose bite causes un-ease.
A cute mousey made of brass & holding a nut.
The zoo keepers made the Elephants a fancy hut!
Gentle giants flapped their ears,
Scary creatures showed their rears.
Antelope family? I think so...
Zebra from bubble gum- that was long ago ; b
Pretty flowers in the park, a botanical garden.
These flamingos squack but it sounds like they're fartin'...
Striped legs!
Giraffes- I want one. Maybe if I go to the zoo keeper and begs!
So pretty! Their tall necks reach the top!
The panda's party has crashed- straight up belly flop!!!

haha. Okay, th-th-th-that's all folks!
I had a lovely day at the SD Zoo with my friend Paige : D
Hope you enjoy my souvenir post!