Sunday, April 17, 2011

About to Embark

I am about to embark on my last week here in California. 
This past week I have been able to live it up a little before I head home
for even more celebrations to begin!

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA.

Lovely weathered day.

Explored the shops.

An om gong to ring & make a wish at the street fair.

haha. SO CAL! Not a mail-slot! A board slot : b

Encinitas is a huge Yogi community.

Home to Yoganandra's Meditation Gardens too.
With some well-fed coys and a lush green scene.

The coolest contraptions I've ever seen! The couple skateboards pulling their boards in tow. He said it was just like a bike. hehe. & I think they were Danish. Clever Danes.

I went up and asked them about it & then turned and realized they were being filmed for a documentary. Whoops.

Just a path down to the sea.

To see the AWESOME view. (Yeah, that was already in the sand)

Then off to another beach- Solana!

They all have a different flair!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three weeks

Three weeks (...3!) from today is my last day.
In a word: Bittersweet.

I have all of my lovely friends and family back home
that I am thrilled to see.
I have graduation ahead of me!
(26 days if you can believe it!)

But, my, oh my, how quickly the time has passed.
I am always looking ahead
with somewhat of a five year plan,
and if I look back at this whole adventure my senior year has been
I think "Whoa"

So I just thought I'd share my whoa moment
with all of you today
and send a smile your way too :D


Sunday, April 3, 2011

A week of hoop-lah

This week was just the greatest!

I got to see my Aunt Leslie's good friend Kim : D
We went on some walks and talked and even posed for a picture. hehe
Kim is a wonderful cook! and she even gets my cool little
cousin Ethan Oliver to eat lentils!

I see these little cotton tailed cuties on the regular ; b

& I don't know what the two little froggies symbolize, but to me they FRIENDS!
 Which leads me into my next best thang,
a new hooper friend!
This is Joanie. She's super cool.

We've spent a lot of time hooping together this week...

I even got to teach a hooping class to some folks. 

In other news, or just more news, new news, ...good news!
I fly home on the 26th...and that's only 23 days away. 
and that's nuthin'