Thursday, January 27, 2011


This was a brunch from last Sunday ^Oh my! What a delicious frittata!

But I also wanted to share just some yummy sights on the board walk at night:
  • Every night these little candles get placed along the sides when the sun goes down. I really like them. It makes the cool night air feel a little more warm : D
 Plus, these trees...with just a wee bit of illumination are splendid. 
That big bell in the middle is rung right before dinner!

This was dinner two nights ago, I think?
Appetizer: Zucchini sticks?
Soup: Pea!
Entree: Shrimp over risotto.
Dessert: Little "Pie" in a tiny glass!

And dinner last night!
Salad: YUM! Makes me like grapefruit even more!
Appetizer; Cracker with goat cheese and a grape bruschetta
Entree: Fish over wheat berry pilaf
Dessert: Apples! mmmm. Apples with lots of cinnamon and some oats too.
Hoping everyone has a happy day. I have lots of school work to attend to. But I think I'll squeeze in a hike break this afternoon- YAY!

It is sunny & warm outside.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Chowdown!

I have definitely noticed that the people have spoken
and they want pictures!

My posts are much more popular like this : D
my apologies for cell phone pics though.


Drink: Unsweetened tea with an orange slice.

Entree: A bowl of delicious soup! Shrimp, cannellini beans, carrots, and celery. YUM!

Dessert: Banana Pudding with crumbled gingersnap topping.

Still a little salad on the side after my lunch- How french! mmm. With some walnuts chopped on top too!


Oh, so good!
Drink: Tea.

Soup: Wild truffle mushroom deliciousness with popped wild rice!

Appetizer: A sesame tortilla crisp with Ahi salsa! Yes, those "tomato" chunks are mainly pieces of ahi tuna. 

Entree: Asparagus spears, pureed cauliflower, pureed broccoli?, Salmon!

Dessert: (not pictured) A little chocolate mousse cake with some fresh berries for garnish.

Highlights of my day:
  • Having the opportunity to assist two classes! & leading the stretch at the end of both.
  • Working hard & doing my body good in a Sports-specific circuit class.
  • Smiling & laughing in a Yuichi class- a Saturday special of dancing and show tunes.
  • Kundalini yoga. Divine way to unwind and end the day.
  • A couple of very sweet compliments that made me feel really, really good.
  • Making a really fun self-expression collage to put on my locker in the fitness office.
  • Hula-hooping on the loading dock (at lunch hour) with my new friend Vu. He is not only an avid hooper but makes and sells them as well. Guess which girl is a new loyal customer?

***To any and all of my lovely friends & family.
If you're reading this then Post below what the highlight of your day was! I'd love to know!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on my plate?

In case you were wondering.

Weekly Breakfast Menu!

Today is Thursday, I'm thinkin' waffles!

Let's see if I'm right:A beautiful breakfast tray pour moi.

Pour the tea,

smell the flowers,

and remove the lid,




Ta da!

Mmmm. Waffle time!
Toppings: Blueberry preserves, greek yogurt, and real maple syrup.

Also, on Thursday- it's Bento Box Day!

What is Bento you might ask?

A fun example.

Now here is my Bento Box Lunch for the day!
(I removed the lid pretty quickly on this one.)


Miso soup.
Iced Tea.
Seared Ahi.
Bok Choy.
Fruit Salad.

I can't say I learned how to make that whole lovely spread
at the cooking class last night.
But, I did learn how to make their famous thumbprint cookie!

Also, I am now a big fan of this:

Popped Wild Rice!

It's a great garnish for salad and soup alike.
Very simple and quick to make too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I didn't take these.
But I found them!
so, they're mine now, right?

Here's a little story with good visuals.

I got an internship here^
At the Golden Door in beautiful Escondido, CA.

It is entirely founded on tradition and has been up
and running for over 50 years now.

The property has a lot of traditional Japanese rituals and practices
in the programming and design.

In the lovely mountains there is hiking of all sorts to partake in.
Short trails, long trails, and lush greenery everywhere.
It's magical!

The above is the Labyrinth.
It's a walking meditation garden and has lovely wind-chimes.

Also, the nature around here it totally exotic.
Pomegranate trees, Avocado trees, and even Eucalyptus.

I eat here just like the guests do. :b hehe.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served like the above.
On a tray with tea & flowers in the morning!

The china is tiny, precious, and lovely.
Also, it is all perfectly portion controlled.
The food is all smaller than it appears in the photos.

Plus, I get to work with an absolute dream team!
Everyone here is so friendly and it has been such a fun
and easy transition to being a part of this place.

The fitness team (some gorgeous coworkers posted above)
is so knowledgeable and well composed!
It's just an incredible environment to be learning in.
I am so thankful for this.

Day 3

haha. I just looked at yesterday's post.
pffft, I said I was sore.
My schedule today was taking 8 classes.

Now, I am sore.
But I have the day off tomorrow!
Wooo. & a quiz scheduled for the evening.
But in the earlier part of the day I am going to hang out
with PAIGE!
haha. A Paige! Isn't that fun?
Paige & Saige!
Get it? It's like, a really similar name.
; b

One of my favorite things today:
It exists! I had no idea- but it does...
& I love it.
Yoga in a heated pool- who knew?

I also really enjoyed my Meadow Hike,
it was the moderate 3 mile afternoon hike.

*** A NOTE for anyone reading and getting
bored, annoyed, impatient, etc.
I want to post pictures of everything-
I really, really do!
But, I don't really think I can.
or should for that matter.

This already is a no cell phone zone
for guests & employees alike.
I don't think cameras would be appreciated,
but I'll see what I can do!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2!

It's barely afternoon and I am already so sore!
Bootcamp kicked my booty!

hehe. & I love it!
Today has been a lot learning : D
& there's still plenty ahead of me.

Today's Lunch:
Mixed greens salad, with a slice or brie,
some beets, a crabcake, & delicious dressing!
With a little bit of berries, pineapple, and a GD special
cookie for dessert!


Okay, I am terrible at writing a description guys and
I am so sorry about that!

I know you want pictures- and they're coming!
I have a day off on Thursday, and maybe some time
for camera documentation too.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 of GD

I will most likely be referring to the below as GD, just so ya know...

Yes, those really are golden doors!

Today was Day 1 of my Internship.
This is going to be fabulous!

I mean, it has to be...
because this place is fabulous!
(See below)

2010 Reader's Choice Award

SpaFinder 2010 Readers’ Choice
Award Winner for

Best Spa in the United States

“10 Best” Category Awards for:
Accommodations; Cooking Classes; Cuisine; Fitness Program; Going Solo;

Hiking; Brand; Weight Loss; Luxury; Treatment, and Mind-Body Spirit.

Anyways, the first week is kind of the same set-up as before


You know what that means?

Classes, lots of 'em.

There are a ton of protocol and procedures to be learned too!

For right now though, my tummy is more focused

on the delicious food that I have & will be eating.

Today's Lunch:

A delicious kale veggie soup

A sandwich of rosemary bread, pesto spread, & fire roasted veggies.

Mini dessert: Quinoa, Yogurt, Spiced Apples.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in a name?

For anyone who hasn't been caught up to speed
or who has been living under a rock
or in the dark
...or with a shark?
I am currently in Escondido, CA!

Simply, ME!

My Spring 2011 Internship.

The Golden Door.

NOW- starting Jan 17th & running until April 25th!

It's part of my major track. Human Performance.
Before I graduate May 1st I have to do these 2- 500 hr internships.

It's great experience and has somehow turned into a wonderful travel opportunity!

If it wasn't for the lovely Jenn Targett I don't think I'd be here.
My supervisor back at MillerCoors Wellness Center gave me the DL on GD.

... & with delicate balance between this and my online classes.

Miscellaneous Questions:

~ Will the blog still be called Down Low From CO- even though you're in CA?
Yes. It is not going to move. I did. It isn't. Don't worry.

~ What kind of Human Performance stuff is at a Spa?
The below is a handy synopsis.
  • Premier fitness facilities, including 3 poolside aerobic gyms, a hilltop gym for private fitness sessions, a new 4000 square foot Fitness Pavilion housing a 2000 square foot equipment gym, spinning gym, and additional aerobic gym; two swimming pools and a Kiatsu water therapy pool; tennis courts; and solarium.
  • Personal fitness guide, your dedicated trainer throughout your weeklong stay, assigned to evaluate, instruct, and encourage you every step of the way
  • Tennis, with a seasoned pro available for instruction
  • Hiking trails, spanning 20 miles of private onsite trails winding through avocado groves and ponds, suitable for all levels of skill
  • Cardiovascular classes, including biking, cardio boxing, and outdoor cross training
  • Flexibility training, offering stretches for the whole body
  • Water classes, featuring particular emphasis on cardiovascular fitness, toning, and flexibility
  • State-of-the-art fitness therapies, derived from the latest technology and science
  • Dance and fun, with influences from around the world, integrated into your program
  • Strength, balance, and posture training, including core body sculpting and total body conditioning
  • Yoga, for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Tai-chi, to clear your mind and tone your body
  • Meditation, in our quiet labyrinth or tree-top Inner Focus Retreat
~ What are you doooing?
Right now? I'm so glad you asked!
I am currently lying prone on a big comfy bed.
I am in a guest room because when I got here last night they couldn't
find the key to the bunk house- which will be my HQ out here.
I had a yummy breakfast- they're feeding me three meals a day!!!

Today's mission: Well, I got my school work done and now it's time to move into said HQ and settle in. Tomorrow is a brand new day where it all begins!

Hmmm...I might also do some yoga in here now since there's plenty of space : D