Monday, September 27, 2010

A delay... but here's Saturday!

Okay, so this is slightly delayed...but, it's here, it's here!
The new post is here! ; D

On Saturday, Anna was anxious to get outside
(we're having such lovely weather)
so she proposed a hike!

Of course, I was absolutely stoked to go along
for another adventure over the weekend.

Well, we hiked up the Chimney Gulch Trail.
And below, for your viewing pleasure:

Little me, BIG towers.

Those aren't birds up there, those are PARA-GLIDERS!

Anna leading the way- boy, is she quick!

Anna & I at the top!...well, almost.

Like I said before, Chimney Gulch Trail : D

Wow! I'm used to crashing waves- not rolling hills!

Now look a little to the right and way out's Denver!

Buckle-up! Abandoned car-wreck off the mountain.

Friday, September 24, 2010

An Aspen Drive

What an amazing afternoon!

I got off of work today at 2p.m.
and Al, a frequent Wellness Center member,
offered to take me for a drive through the mountains.

To see some aspen trees
as the leaves begin to change...To see some silly does playing peek-a-boo
behind a tree or two.

To continue to go all the way up to 14,250 feet!
That's above the timber line. (No mo' trees!)
Looking down at the lake below,
and far away at the rolling mountains.
We went higher, and higher and the
temperature went lower and lower!
(Down to 46* at the top!)
So this was the final stop...
because there was too much snow ahead to drive
further on the narrow, winding roads. But, looking to the right, it looked pretty dry.
And on the way home we saw a whole bunch
of ELK on the side of the high-way!

Right now the Elk are bugling- their mating call.

What a great adventure today : D
Definitely full of unexpected sights!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A very productive lunchtime meeting

During today's lunchtime meeting we received a very generous donation
from one of our Wellness Center patrons.
A trunk full of beer!
The catch?
Walk out the door and help her bring it into our office.
From here the great beer swapping ensued.
My original grab: A 24-bottle case of Blue Moon.
My final case of trades includes:
  • 2 bottles Miller Light
  • 4 bottles Killian's Red
  • 4 bottles Coors Light
  • and the 14 remaining bottles of Blue Moon

Coming from a non-beer drinker I was pretty excited to have something

other than tea and water to offer to my future guests : b

The beer is first-come-first-serve, I'll be taking reservations at the Temporary Casa De La Silverman through December.**

**For booking, please call, text, e-mail, or write : D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A rainy Wednesday post

It's been rainy here the past two days!

Which is strange considering they had a record high temp of 96* on Sunday.

I still have another hour and a half of work,

but since I'm at the front desk...I figured

Why not post? It has been a while!

So, today my day did not start out per the usual.

Instead I went to the Glass Plant!

I got to see the factory where they were currently making this bottle:

It was so cool!

I have never seen anything like it.

It's a factory with a ton of molten glass shooting around above you.

Just blinding NEON ORANGE lights.

Then it gets deposited below into a mold.

Out pops a fluorescent orange bottle! (with a vortex top)

From there it goes down the line in a conveyor belt system.

It slowly cools and tempers.

All the usual factory stuff of testing to ensure it's a quality product goes on.

I spent 2 hours shadowing the Physical Therapist from here at the Wellness Center.

She does these special tests in Ergonomics to make sure the job is safe for workers.

All very interesting & a great learning experience : D

Also, today I ate a mammoth orange.

No Lie!

If a Woolly Mammoth was reincarnated as a fruit, then that is what I ate.

Giant Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Great Cocoa Explosion of 2010!!

I spent the early part of the morning cleaning
  • the kitchen,
  • the bathroom,
  • and various other areas of the house.

Then I went and ran errands, got groceries, etc.

My super-duper buy:
A $5 food processor.

Today's goal:
Homemade larabars!

I got all the supplies...
  • figs
  • dates
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • cinnamon
  • cocoa
and I began my project.

I had started to blend up some ingredients...

When I thought,
"I better open this tin of cocoa!"

It was a bit puffed on the top
and I figured I might get a little
bit of cocoa on me when I
opened it, so I was extra cautious...

hehe. See my Vibram 5finger footprint down below?


The Great Cocoa Explosion of 2010
occurred right then and there in my kitchen!
...and in my face.

I think I will smell like chocolate
for the next week and a half .

Anna and Trever stopped by the apartment
and I told them of the incident.
Trever said, "At least it's an aphrodisiac?"

haha. I am afraid to go outside now!
Everyone in the neighborhood is out
walking their dogs in the nice weather : b

Three batches of Saigeybars ready for the freezer.

Well, mission accomplished.
Homemade Larabars= check!
Kitchen= cleaned...and re-cleaned.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday's Smiles

Here are three simple things that made me smile yesterday:
1. Playing modified Volleyball with the Retirees here at the Wellness center.
There's a game every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-10 a.m.
I am signed up for all of them as far as the eye can see!
It is such a highlight at work for me.
They're hilarious.
The play really well, and when it gets heated...
well, let's just say I've seen kicking and ball spiking : b
(Also, they had a great soundtrack for the games yesterday.
I believe it was a best of the Beatles CD.
One of the men had made it and he's bringing in a copy for me next week!
2. On my way home I stopped by King Super's-
the awesome 24-hr grocery store near my place.
I had finished my shopping & was unlocking my bike
when I overheard a conversation between two siblings:
Little 8 year old boy: Hey, wanna play I-spy?
Little 4 year old girl: YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!
Boy: Okay, I'm first. I spy...a red car.
Girl: (looking)
Boy: Do you see it? It's next to the white car.
Girl: Oh! There it is! I see it!
Boy: Okay, now it's your turn.
I just thought they were the sweetest thing!
3. Before bed, I got out the cool journal my Aunt got for me.
It's called Keen's Simple Diary.
Every page has a silly checklist, a quote, some fill-in-the-blanks,
and other miscellaneous Q&A.
Half-way down the page was this quote:
It made me laugh so hard right before I fell asleep.
haha. I think I have a new favorite term : D
So, I'm sharing some smiles this morning.
That is all.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!
Now that it has come & gone- let's do a recap:

For me, it all began on Saturday morning.
Erm, afternoon rather, since I spent the morning
doing my online assignments.

Well, I made it to the Farmer's Market just in time
to grab some lunch before they closed down.

My veggie friendly black bean tamale!

While I sat and ate, I also watched:
Scored some free entertainment : D

After lunch I went to the library,
and then to the park to read.

While I was at the park, I looked over
and spotted this blushing bride:
Isn't her dress lovely?

Finally, on my way home I was greeted with
about a 2-mile long strip of this:

Really sweet old hot rods! I saw a make & model for ever year cars have existed.

Then, that lazy day, Sunday, came along.

I ran some errands on my way into town,
and then went to the CSM soccer fields.
I watched my cousin's friend, Allie, play. Mines lost. Boo.

I went to yoga.
I cleaned the studio.

Then, Monday came along and I set out on a mission!

My Goal: Red Rocks or Bust!

I have wanted to visit the Red Rocks Ampitheratre since
I borrowed (& accidentally held onto for over a year)
my friend Jeff's Incubus DVD from a show they did there.

The first stop, Kohl's.
Armed with coupons, I had important matters to attend to.

And more biking.
Biking against the wind biking.
Biking uphill biking.
Biking in a no-humidity thirst inducing climate biking.
So, yeah- it wasn't that far...and I biked.

After a wrong turn or so, I saw this.

But, I knew I was there with this!
Wow! Sadly, no climbing

But, that is just on the side of this:
The Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Click above for info!

People come here to run the stairs & work out.
Apparently, there are impromptu drum circles here too.
I am dying to go back for one now!

In case you have somehow missed all possible memos
I am, in fact, in CO:

Here's proof. A map.

Here's what the place looks like, kinda...
What is this!? The Red Rocks Amphitheater for Kids that Don't Hear Good for Ants!?

Just some silly shadow play to throw into the mix!
Now let's go inside for a look.

Headed over to the Visitor's Center
you can find a ton of cool memorabilia about their performers.

You can listen to audio clips of past performances.
You can watch cool videos in their little home theater room.

There's even a big wall filled with a list of every performance to date!
They list it by year:
In case you were wondering...

At the end there's a room with old concert posters
and a ceiling full of prayer flags : D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 1: Check.

I have finished my first week at the MillerCoors Wellness Center!

And just in time for a long weekend : D
...that I plan to spend doing various school assignments.

The first week was orientation week,
which means we were orientated to the facility
by taking 2,3,4, or 5 fitness classes a day.

I feel pretty good right now,
but yesterday I was a little bit sore.

Also, Juli & I are off to a great start!
We already finished two of the assignments we were given,
and both of us seem to be making great progress on our first projects.

The grand finale to Week 1 was a Brewery Tour!
Look, there's me in knee socks next to a brass kettle.

Okay, so you start here.

Then you move to something more hands-on:

Yes, you can touch!

Guess what their favorite ingredient is?

That's why their located in Golden too.

Oh, by the way...this is the LARGEST Brewery in the WORLD!

They make lots of products.

and they haven't changed their logo much since they started.

So, at the end of the line, you end up in a pub.
Free drinks on tap!
A bunch of the beers they produce,
and even a root beer or N.A. beer for the wee-ones.

The Wellness Center only has Coors Light on tap. Hello? We are a wellness facility!

haha. Juli and I both don't like beer!
So we skipped out on this part.
But, we did decide to come back in Oct/ Nov
to try their Pumpkin Ale!

Oh, and the vending machines cracked me up!
Would you like...


...or Beer Nuts?