Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The coolest Little Hawaiian totem. a.k.a. Car Protector.
 This past Sunday I got picked up bright and early to go with my new friends to the Rancho Bernardo Farmer's Market!

First, I went to their home.
The most beautiful house in the world. 
I finally know what I want my house to look like when I grow up :b
What a view!
Hoops for sale!

 The cars got all packed up for their booth.

I said goodbye to new puppydog friends too.
This is Alex!
 When we arrived I got to help them set up, and then it was time to play.
Chris and Vu workin' the booth!

 I was there all day! It's a farmer's market that runs from 10-4 and I was thrilled. 
I got to explore each booth and buy the most delicious snow cone ever!
The Shortcake: $2 gets you a strawberry, birthday cake, and mochi pieces on top!
It was a sunny and splendid day!

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