Monday, February 28, 2011

A funny number.

Well, I just signed on to post another post on the blog,
when I saw this: 62 posts.

I have posted 62 times,
and the reason I wanted to post this post is because,
I graduate in 62 days!

Sixty-two days : D
That's it! 
Time flies and I know it is going to pass by so quickly
from now until then.

Today was also when I got to register for the ticket
lottery to the commencement ceremony on May 1st.

Also, another fun fact about work today
internship...same thing

hehe. If you clicked the Cake above...
well, that is a good band. 
But the wrong cake!

I meant the kind with icing.
To celebrate all the birthdays this month.
It's a monthly lunch-time cake extravaganza : b

Okay, so I just had a tiny piece.
But I sat next to a friend from work at a meeting.
& I'm about to skype with my best friend-
so I guess it is just a swell day!

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