Monday, March 14, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Animal Edition
The day's adventure begins with Saige
and Paige!
We arrived at the zoo to be greeted with hungry hippos.
Silly monkeys struck a pose!
The biggest coy fish ever enjoyed their cool stream,
While this cool koala slept in his dream.
Some piggy things looked dirty and gritty,
while Mr. Camel stuck his tongue out- see how spitty!?!?
A shaky foot massage if you please,
A rattler down below whose bite causes un-ease.
A cute mousey made of brass & holding a nut.
The zoo keepers made the Elephants a fancy hut!
Gentle giants flapped their ears,
Scary creatures showed their rears.
Antelope family? I think so...
Zebra from bubble gum- that was long ago ; b
Pretty flowers in the park, a botanical garden.
These flamingos squack but it sounds like they're fartin'...
Striped legs!
Giraffes- I want one. Maybe if I go to the zoo keeper and begs!
So pretty! Their tall necks reach the top!
The panda's party has crashed- straight up belly flop!!!

haha. Okay, th-th-th-that's all folks!
I had a lovely day at the SD Zoo with my friend Paige : D
Hope you enjoy my souvenir post!

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  1. My Saige! You are quite the poet and you didn't even know it! :P

    Love and miss you!