Sunday, April 17, 2011

About to Embark

I am about to embark on my last week here in California. 
This past week I have been able to live it up a little before I head home
for even more celebrations to begin!

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA.

Lovely weathered day.

Explored the shops.

An om gong to ring & make a wish at the street fair.

haha. SO CAL! Not a mail-slot! A board slot : b

Encinitas is a huge Yogi community.

Home to Yoganandra's Meditation Gardens too.
With some well-fed coys and a lush green scene.

The coolest contraptions I've ever seen! The couple skateboards pulling their boards in tow. He said it was just like a bike. hehe. & I think they were Danish. Clever Danes.

I went up and asked them about it & then turned and realized they were being filmed for a documentary. Whoops.

Just a path down to the sea.

To see the AWESOME view. (Yeah, that was already in the sand)

Then off to another beach- Solana!

They all have a different flair!

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