Monday, October 25, 2010

Do the whirlwind.

Like me.
Everything in life is a total whirlwind right now!

I just registered for my last semester as an undergraduate!

I just had the most amazing weekend with Rachel, Mariana, &

Today was my "midterm evaluation" at the internship- over 1/2 way
(& got great feedback!)

There is so much on my mind between now and the future.

Assignments, more visits possibly, next internship, yoga school, grad school, last year of school!?

Let's start with this:An epic, award-winning shot outside the Boulder Ice Cream Company!
(I love this one : D)
Rachel, Mari, Me, & Mark.
A totally dynamic bunch!

First- The Arrival.
I picked up these three at Denver International on Thursday eve.
The welcome snack: chardonnay, brie, apple, and baguette.
mmm. The company & the food was delicious!

The next day, after a Brewer tour of Coors - the world's largest!
We went for a drive up Lookout Mountain in Golden.
Even went past the "M" & got a great view from atop.

Me & Mari, matching headbands. Cold heads Mark & Rachel in the middle : b

We found another great photo op. Thumbs up to the view!

Then we drove to the Red Rock Amphitheater.
Plenty of area there to play!

We drove into Boulder.
Went to Pearl Street. The farmer's market. Stayed at LaQuinta.

Our happy little family for the weekend ; D

Then a tour of the Boulder Ice Cream Co.

We got the moo-ves ; b

I just feel like we each have a lot of personality to bring to the table.
Or in the case of the picture above-
the bench.

We drove into Denver.
& even though we arrived too late for a tour of Coors field,
I've never see such a happy little guy...
Well, happy 6 foot guy that is...

The Denver Art Museum, that is!

We used a sophisticated, critical eye to judge the sculptures. hehe.

We made new friends too!

Some were soft & cuddly:
Zoro bear 8 )

Others were totally fierce!
Hello Zombie-Con.

War & Peace.

Overall, this past weekend was simply amazing.
Just what I needed!

Thanks again to Rachel, Mari, & Mark for coming to visit me.


  1. Love all these shots! And love that cute little knitted cap you both are wearing. Looks like a great weekend.