Friday, October 22, 2010

They're heeeerrrrrreeeeee!

My lovely, wonderful guests have arrived!

Yesterday, I got my white Hyundai Accent from Enterprise.

I got a car! Woo-hoo! Well, a rental that is : b

So, of course my first stop was...


I then eagerly drove home knowing that I had a package arriving that very afternoon!

My lovely care-package from Mr. Christian included:

~ Some fun novelties!

~ Some tasty snacks!

~ Oh, and get this: A tomtom GPS!!!

It seems everyone in my life wants to give me directions.

Ah! It's so exciting. My guests named her Dorothy, so alas-

Dorothy, is making this multi-destination weekend trip very easy! : D

After errands, laundry, and other prep prior to flight 707's arrival

I got to Denver International 10 minutes before the 7p.m. landing.

I waited at the gate exit with a big sign:

"Mark, Rachel, & Mariana"

A ton of people stopped to read it, so now 1/2 of Denver knows their names.

After a hug-filled reunion

and some excited jumping on my part

we drove back into Golden.

Then it was time to eat.

One bottle of The Little Penguin Chardonnay- mmm.

+ One Udi's Bread Co. Baguette

+ 1/2 round of Light Brie Cheese Wheel

+ 2 Sliced apples

= One lovely reunion with friends : D

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