Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some more of my week in pictures

It's Sunday!

This past week FLEW by, sigh, they always do.
This week will probably fly by as well, hopefully-
because Mariana, Mark, & Rachel will be here on the 21st!

Well, I took the GRE this past week.
I had two exams,
I've done my homework.
I made some special request artwork for coworkers:

Juli & her cupcakes. hehe.

Kelsie said abstract and nature. So something for baby Zoeky's room : b

It got colder here.
The past few days have been very Seattle-esque.
Windy, Rainy, Crisp.

I got a headband from work. Represent. & toasty ears to boot!

On Friday night we went to Blue Canyon Bar & Grill to celebrate
Bria's (another coworker) birthday.
It was so cool inside!
The DJ booth is a bright yellow jeep : D

This place is on the main strip of downtown Golden.
& I saw a parade!!!
"Revenge of the Nerds"-
It's CSM's homecoming weekend.

Later in the week too,
after two nights of Cricket-induced insomnia
I tried to give myself a sleep deprived neck rub.

Or some Freddy Crougar scratches?
I mean...I do love Halloween.
I could do some cat-fight damage, if necessary.


  1. Nice blog! I like your photos. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

  2. Pretty awesome that the DJ booth was a Jeep!
    Did you color your hair-- looks almost dark red from the picture.. or maybe had to do with lighting/the pink headband.. Anyways that was my attempt to a hair compliment haha :P Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your guests!