Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Day of Denver

Winter break is here!
& to join me in the Celebration of another semester done
Christian flew out here and arrived to DIA
yesterday morning.

After finally finding each other at the airport
we set out to start off with a day of Denver!

First stop: The Southwest (Airlines) Ice Rink.
For a $2 buck skate rental you get an arm band,
free entertainment watching adults fail on ice for the first time,
and ice rink privileges all day long!
Well, until 10pm, which is when my world starts winding down.

On second thought, the first, first stop was food.
He had an Alaskan Reindeer Hot Dog (see above).
Yes, the hot dog vendor has

and Hebrew National.

Welcome to the Northwest my friend.

I don't recall if this next event occurred pre- or post-skating,
but it was quite literally right next to the rink.
Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret.
A lesser-known venue that I heard of through a friend of a friend.

The clocktower building itself is over 100 years old!
When you go to the lower level it is a hip Cabaret club.

Tonight's show: Sexy Circus!
Yes, yes, please & thank you.

Plus, for just $5 more you can upgrade to VIP
the gal gets a plastic tiara,
the boy gets a plastic fedora,
one person ends up on stage,
both get to sit front row. (Quite literally the base of the stage!)
Of course, he did choose to upgrade.
That boy loves his fedoras!
& I ended up on stage! haha.

The show didn't start until 11:30 p.m.
Yes, haha, thanks. I did stay up that late!

So to pass the time by before we:
explored 16th Street Mall,
found the Big Blue Bear at the convention center,
grocery shopped,

Today bears another big adventure!
Get it? eh? eh?
haha : b

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