Friday, December 17, 2010

Manitou Springs, CO

My final two days were spent in the lovely,
quaint town of Manitou Springs.

Home of Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods
and Cheyenne Springs.

Christian Mr. and I stayed at
The Avenue Hotel B&B.
What a fun experience!

The Ruxton Room.

Starting out as a boarding house
in 1886 for none other than Tuberculosis patients-
don't worry. The wall paper has since been redone.

Breakfast served at 9 a.m. The Mrs. has award winning muffins & pies!

The couple that runs it were very sweet.
They had two pups and a kittykat.
All of whom joined us come breakfast time : D


The first night when we arrived in Manitou
we explored a few of the still open shops
and knew the next day would be an adventure.

On the 15th when we had one final full day of CO left,
we went to Garden of the Gods for some hiking abouts.

These rocks wouldn't have stood up without our help!

We explored the town to find some of the seven
natural drinking springs located in the area.
We found a total of five- and tasted them all too!

Later that night after some wine and cheese
we went to our fancy dinner at
The Mona Lisa fondue restaurant.

Just lovely ambiance.

mmmm. Brie. The best cheese ever!
Followed by salad, seafood, and dark chocolate dessert!

Those are terrifically happy, full, but happy faces!

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