Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back to Flo-rida.

I have said my final farewells to Colorado.

Yesterday was my first full day back in Florida,
and what can I say-
It feels like home : b

I got to wake-up Aleyse, something I have missed
...terribly so.
I made a delicious breakfast for the two of us.
Spinach & egg frittata and some shredded
zucchini and apple scramble -with cinnamon! YUM!

I rode with her into work. Went to Christian's
place, since I now have the key. hehe.
The bed was made- and it's all mine!

Laced up my rollerblades and went all around
the GC Town Center. Hit up LA Fitness.
Dined on delicious Costco samples for lunch.
Then took Aleyse's Eclipse to the gas pump,
Coconut Pointe (for waaay too much Christmas shopping)
where I happily ran into people I know!

I haven't done that in ages! It was soo refreshing!
I had dinner with Alex : D
and then when Aleyse got off work it was time for
watching a movie and passing out.
What a looong, wonderful day!

Today's mission:
Wrap the alleged presents
and find some ugly Christmas sweaters for
the bonfire tonight!

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