Monday, December 6, 2010

Working backwards.

Today was my first day as a (not) intern.
It's weird that my internship really did end last Friday.
I still don't think it has quite sunk in that my experience there is over.
I believe that has mostly to do with the fact that Winter Break
will arrive at the end of this week!

This morning I decided to strap on my new Nike+ Sportband
and weave the little chip into my laces...
& go for a RUN!

A big thank you to Kelsie for the cool new toy!

Woo! So I ran the whole 2.25 miles to the Wellness Center
and it felt amazing, ...cold, but amazing! hehe.
Plus, the downhill grade for the majority of the run gave me my fastest pace yet!

Tomorrow definitely feels like a yoga day for me though.
I looked up two studios nearby and think I'll try a class
in the morning and one in the eve.

Working back to yesterday, I made $12 going to the mall.
Yes, I went to mall and got paid! in cash!
How so?
Well, that was quite simple: SURVEYS!Bold
hehe. As I was wandering around a bit aimlessly
I was asked to participate in 2 separate paid surveys!

One for Hershey, where I got to sample one of these:
& another for a new Adam Sandler movie.
Watch the preview, answer questions.
Simple enough : D

I set out with my hard earned money for my original purpose.
To see this:
James Franco? Yes, please ; b

It was a good adventure movie with as much action as you could have
stuck to a boulder for 127 hours.
It's crazy that the main character portrayed in the movie lives about
an hour from where I am in CO.

The survey money paid for my dinner and a movie!
How refreshing : D

Of course, I only went out on the town after finishing
Exam # 1 and a Final Project!
Yahooo! One class down.
Two to go.

On Friday I went to Dinner & A Show with Kelsie & Chris.
Dinner was on them.
The show was on me.

Thai food. Yum. I was missing sea-veggies in my life!

Me-so happy I got this soup! ...get it? haha.

& more sea veggies! Seaweed salad, mine was served over mixed greens!

Plus, two of these guys! With peanut sauce, of course!

And afterward we arrived to the Denver Improv (yes, again- my second show here!)
To see this guy:
Finesse Mitchell. Ex- SNL entertainer.

We all agreed that the opening act, whose name I wish I knew,
was by far funnier in his act!
He was great!
Reminded me of Jim Carrey in his mannerisms.
Overall the experience was
worth a laugh,
laugh worthy,


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