Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two more days!?!?!?

So, after day 1 in Denver we did another day of Denver-ish
activities on the following.

Begin scene: It was the 11th of December,
on a cold, windy day...

Characters enter: Cue Saige & Christian.

We started with a Brewery Tour!
Indeed, my fourth one : b

It had to have been the best tour I had been on yet!
Why you may ask?
Because there was a guide,
and I much prefer a person to an audio box- just sayin'

Afterward we drove by the second largest brewer in town
Golden City Brewery!

We stopped into the Golden Natural Foods Store
and grabbed some for-the-road snacks.

Drove to the Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Went to wander in REI in Denver.

And met with some friends for dinner at

The Yard House.
With over 130+ beers on tap-
Can you guess how it is served?

Correct: By the Yard!

After some good food, fun conversation,
and a long day of adventure
we could barely keep our eyes open!

Cue: Sunset.
Enter: Sleep.
Sunrise's line.
Curtain opens.

We drove into Evergreen to meet
my Volley Ball Crew from
the Wellness Center for Brunch.

Destination: El Rancho.
It was more food, more fun & visiting,
and a pretty stellar game of pool on my end.

After final farewells
we left for the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory Tour!
Yay! More free tea!
& over 70 flavors at the : D

After another great guided tour
we went to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

I finally got to go into the Tea House too!
It was packed with people enjoying their tea and
teeny tiny finger foods.
The place has intricate designs and detailing
that are so lovely it kind of makes you drool.

After some more exploration around Boulder
we headed home so that I could some much
needed laundry.

Then, unexpectedly...Monday came along!
huh. Fancy that.
Which had been planned as a day of

I had bought a super great deal online
a few weeks back for our lift tickets
to Ski Cooper.

However, it wasn't until we were an hour and a half
into the journey West when I discovered
that they are currently only open on the weekends.
No, Monday doesn't count.

So we hopped out of the car and walked around Vail.
Then headed back through the Eisenhower Tunnel
to go to Loveland.

It was the most beautiful bunny hill I had ever seen!

I have a lot of bruises to prove just how much I loved that bunny hill.

It was fun, it was challenging, it was somewhat successful too!

After a day of hard work on that hill we had a dinner at
Brother's BBQ.

mmmm. BBQ grilled tofu on my salad.
Yeah. That is good.

The following day was the 14th.
My last day in Golden.

I started packing, and packing, and packing, and
Wait- how do I have this much stuff!?

Anyways, after Anna got home we said a goodbye.
I cleaned some more. I packed some more.
We went to the post office so I could mail out some boxes.
We went to the Wellness Center for more goodbyes.

After a lap on the track and a lot of farewell hugs,
we went to lunch.
One final Popeye sandwich at D' Deli.

Went for a small hike, a short run back to the car,
packed that little KIA Rio up to the max
and left for Manitou Springs.

The Avenue Hotel B&B!

Come inside!

See our room!

More on that later!
Ciao : D

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  1. Love it! Especially charmed by that tea house, And amazed at just how much you piled in -not only in the KIA --but your time over the past couple days! Ah, to be 20-something again. Loved this blog posting but exhausted and now i need to sleep!