Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in a name?

For anyone who hasn't been caught up to speed
or who has been living under a rock
or in the dark
...or with a shark?
I am currently in Escondido, CA!

Simply, ME!

My Spring 2011 Internship.

The Golden Door.

NOW- starting Jan 17th & running until April 25th!

It's part of my major track. Human Performance.
Before I graduate May 1st I have to do these 2- 500 hr internships.

It's great experience and has somehow turned into a wonderful travel opportunity!

If it wasn't for the lovely Jenn Targett I don't think I'd be here.
My supervisor back at MillerCoors Wellness Center gave me the DL on GD.

... & with delicate balance between this and my online classes.

Miscellaneous Questions:

~ Will the blog still be called Down Low From CO- even though you're in CA?
Yes. It is not going to move. I did. It isn't. Don't worry.

~ What kind of Human Performance stuff is at a Spa?
The below is a handy synopsis.
  • Premier fitness facilities, including 3 poolside aerobic gyms, a hilltop gym for private fitness sessions, a new 4000 square foot Fitness Pavilion housing a 2000 square foot equipment gym, spinning gym, and additional aerobic gym; two swimming pools and a Kiatsu water therapy pool; tennis courts; and solarium.
  • Personal fitness guide, your dedicated trainer throughout your weeklong stay, assigned to evaluate, instruct, and encourage you every step of the way
  • Tennis, with a seasoned pro available for instruction
  • Hiking trails, spanning 20 miles of private onsite trails winding through avocado groves and ponds, suitable for all levels of skill
  • Cardiovascular classes, including biking, cardio boxing, and outdoor cross training
  • Flexibility training, offering stretches for the whole body
  • Water classes, featuring particular emphasis on cardiovascular fitness, toning, and flexibility
  • State-of-the-art fitness therapies, derived from the latest technology and science
  • Dance and fun, with influences from around the world, integrated into your program
  • Strength, balance, and posture training, including core body sculpting and total body conditioning
  • Yoga, for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Tai-chi, to clear your mind and tone your body
  • Meditation, in our quiet labyrinth or tree-top Inner Focus Retreat
~ What are you doooing?
Right now? I'm so glad you asked!
I am currently lying prone on a big comfy bed.
I am in a guest room because when I got here last night they couldn't
find the key to the bunk house- which will be my HQ out here.
I had a yummy breakfast- they're feeding me three meals a day!!!

Today's mission: Well, I got my school work done and now it's time to move into said HQ and settle in. Tomorrow is a brand new day where it all begins!

Hmmm...I might also do some yoga in here now since there's plenty of space : D

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  1. CO. CA. Whatever the difference, we just love hearing about your travels and adventures. keep 'em coming! xo.