Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

haha. I just looked at yesterday's post.
pffft, I said I was sore.
My schedule today was taking 8 classes.

Now, I am sore.
But I have the day off tomorrow!
Wooo. & a quiz scheduled for the evening.
But in the earlier part of the day I am going to hang out
with PAIGE!
haha. A Paige! Isn't that fun?
Paige & Saige!
Get it? It's like, a really similar name.
; b

One of my favorite things today:
It exists! I had no idea- but it does...
& I love it.
Yoga in a heated pool- who knew?

I also really enjoyed my Meadow Hike,
it was the moderate 3 mile afternoon hike.

*** A NOTE for anyone reading and getting
bored, annoyed, impatient, etc.
I want to post pictures of everything-
I really, really do!
But, I don't really think I can.
or should for that matter.

This already is a no cell phone zone
for guests & employees alike.
I don't think cameras would be appreciated,
but I'll see what I can do!

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