Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on my plate?

In case you were wondering.

Weekly Breakfast Menu!

Today is Thursday, I'm thinkin' waffles!

Let's see if I'm right:A beautiful breakfast tray pour moi.

Pour the tea,

smell the flowers,

and remove the lid,




Ta da!

Mmmm. Waffle time!
Toppings: Blueberry preserves, greek yogurt, and real maple syrup.

Also, on Thursday- it's Bento Box Day!

What is Bento you might ask?

A fun example.

Now here is my Bento Box Lunch for the day!
(I removed the lid pretty quickly on this one.)


Miso soup.
Iced Tea.
Seared Ahi.
Bok Choy.
Fruit Salad.

I can't say I learned how to make that whole lovely spread
at the cooking class last night.
But, I did learn how to make their famous thumbprint cookie!

Also, I am now a big fan of this:

Popped Wild Rice!

It's a great garnish for salad and soup alike.
Very simple and quick to make too!

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