Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1 of GD

I will most likely be referring to the below as GD, just so ya know...

Yes, those really are golden doors!

Today was Day 1 of my Internship.
This is going to be fabulous!

I mean, it has to be...
because this place is fabulous!
(See below)

2010 Reader's Choice Award

SpaFinder 2010 Readers’ Choice
Award Winner for

Best Spa in the United States

“10 Best” Category Awards for:
Accommodations; Cooking Classes; Cuisine; Fitness Program; Going Solo;

Hiking; Brand; Weight Loss; Luxury; Treatment, and Mind-Body Spirit.

Anyways, the first week is kind of the same set-up as before


You know what that means?

Classes, lots of 'em.

There are a ton of protocol and procedures to be learned too!

For right now though, my tummy is more focused

on the delicious food that I have & will be eating.

Today's Lunch:

A delicious kale veggie soup

A sandwich of rosemary bread, pesto spread, & fire roasted veggies.

Mini dessert: Quinoa, Yogurt, Spiced Apples.

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