Thursday, January 27, 2011


This was a brunch from last Sunday ^Oh my! What a delicious frittata!

But I also wanted to share just some yummy sights on the board walk at night:
  • Every night these little candles get placed along the sides when the sun goes down. I really like them. It makes the cool night air feel a little more warm : D
 Plus, these trees...with just a wee bit of illumination are splendid. 
That big bell in the middle is rung right before dinner!

This was dinner two nights ago, I think?
Appetizer: Zucchini sticks?
Soup: Pea!
Entree: Shrimp over risotto.
Dessert: Little "Pie" in a tiny glass!

And dinner last night!
Salad: YUM! Makes me like grapefruit even more!
Appetizer; Cracker with goat cheese and a grape bruschetta
Entree: Fish over wheat berry pilaf
Dessert: Apples! mmmm. Apples with lots of cinnamon and some oats too.
Hoping everyone has a happy day. I have lots of school work to attend to. But I think I'll squeeze in a hike break this afternoon- YAY!

It is sunny & warm outside.

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