Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is...

This morning everyone at work everyone is telling me it will
this evening. I just shake my head & say, "No."
(as if that will change a damn thing)

Some snow in New York. Circa Spring break 2009?

My good mood is unyielding these days : D

Yesterday I taught my first spin class- it went amazingly well!
I got great reviews & it left me beaming all day long.

Anna let me borrow her car yesterday, so I washed it on the way home!
We watched part of an old movie & she shared her delicious chocolate cake!
I made two more hats too!

I got a wonderful surprise call from my friend Sean on Sunday eve.
He & some of the outdoors crew from Gulf Coast will be here Tomorrow!
How exciting!

GA Camping Trip. Summer 2010. Left to Right. Front: Me, Sean. Back: Christian, Mark. = The coolest tent ever!

Then my momma will be here on Friday!

(Also, I am still waiting for the photoshoot pics to post. Ahh!)
Can't wait for that either : D


  1. Beaming yields more beaming! Beam away, my cool fave niece! We are always beaming with you.


  2. I cant wait to get there and I hope the snow stays around!
    love ya