Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sunday

Was spent with friends and family.
Below are some pictures to prove it!
Morning hike- mommy tried to jump the cliff! AHHHH!

Steve & Sean arrived around 10:30.
Correction 10:33- the three minutes following the half hour were spent watching them from the kitchen window as they passed by my place, and then looped around, and then stopped, and then called & confirmed that they had indeed,

  • A little tour of mi casa.
  • Some catching up in the kitchen.
  • A drive (with my poor, poor backseat directions) up to
Lookout Mountain to see the "M"

Steve: He came, He saw, He drove ...up Lookout!

A delicious lunch at D-Deli.
Yes, the "Popeye" was on the menu as the best sandwich in the world.
For confirmation of such, please contact Rachel & Mari.

Mommy & Me on Buff's Bull!

From here, the lot of us: Me, Mommy, Sean, & Steve
headed to the Coors Brewery for a
They were fresh out of Pumpkin Ale- Boo.

But we did try: Batch 19, Killian's Red, CO Native, and Winterfest.

Sean & I on the Bull.

Later in the day Mommy & Me went to the
Dark Horse in Boulder, CO.
Great place!
Loved the brick, wood, and air hockey atmosphere.

Tonight's special request: Rocky Mountain Oysters.
Q'est-ce que c'est? -->
Just google 'em if need be!

& MAJOR props to momma for trying those "oysters" ; b

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  1. Yummy!!! And anything fried with ketchup is good!