Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good things come to those who... on Craigslist.

Seriously, I feel like this really helped set the tone for my stellar weekend ; D

This whole last week has been fantastic.
A lot of positive energy.

  • My momma is coming to visit me next weekend!!!
  • I had a fun time at work- special health fair event days, special topic projects/ presentations for the Biggest Loser programming, starting a new yoga series, & got a fully functional pair of cycling shoes (+ I bought a jump rope....or two)!
  • Meeting new people, random people being kind, nice compliments (giving & receiving), great weather!
    haha. Hey all you Florida birds, so sorry it's 50ish degrees there. It's in the low sunny 70s here ; b

Last night was the photo gig from craigslist.
The website above is revamping some of their old images.
I got my friend Marty involved & we blew this picture outta the water:

Can't wait to post our version!

Also, the photog was originally from Florida.
Currently he lives about 2 streets from me here in Golden.
Has two adorable kids, so I totally dropped the babysitter's card : b

Today was Downtown Denver.
I am feeling more and more comfortable using the public transit system now!
Bussing it is a breeze- hehe.

Saw a Veteran's Day parade!
Brought my hoola-hoop along for the journey &
hooped next to a beat-boxer named "Preach."

Heard a lot of great tunes up & down 16th Street Mall.
Had a great lunch:
Whole-grain mini-baguette + a small slice of goat's milk brie.
Gave half my baguette to a kid trying to sell me stuff...
Say no & kill 'em with kindness.

Went to Aveda Institute!
If you can ever go to one- do so! ahh! I love these places.

Waited 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment
and got that haircut for FREE : D
fine by me!

mmm. And now I am comfortable in my bed.
a.k.a. the floor mattress. hehe.

Cheers to you all.
Namaste & goodnight!

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