Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A picture-perfect post!

This is mainly for the non-facebook fam who do not get to see all the pics I post there : D

First up, the Aveda Institute haircut that ended up being free:
Which left me all smiles : D

Next in line, the winning picture from photoshoot:

haha. Aww. Look! A college "couple."

Some of the pictures were just too fun to be taken as seriously as the teddy bear was.


*Lots of laughter occurred during this photo-session : D
Also, it did SNOW yesterday! For maybe 30 minutes tops.
But still it was enough to leave me feeling chilly & silly. haha
Today has been so great!
Sue's spin class was wonderful! Can't get enough of it!
Plus, at lunch time I found at my friends Steve & Sean had stopped in Golden for lunch!
I rushed into Jenn's office for permission &, I ran to Woody's Pizza to surprise them.
It was so nice to see those familiar faces : D

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