Sunday, November 14, 2010

Momma & Me: Our first CO Outing

Hello all!

So, my momma arrived to Golden, CO sometime around 5 p.m. on Friday.
I mean, her plane landed at 1 p.m. at DIA, but that's a whole other story...

Stop #1:
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant.
It is right down the road from my house & I had heard good things.
Since mommy & me always celebrate our Texas roots together via Tex-Mex food
I figured her arrival was the appropriate time to celebrate!

Then after making back to mi casa,
we both passseeddd out! It had been a long day for momma's travels,
& myself having woken up at 4 a.m. that morning...

Yesterday was Saturday & we got our rental car in the morning.
Yay! Enterprise guys : D

First stop was: The Red Rocks Amphitheater!
With such a natural beauty being right down the road- it's a spot you cannot miss!

It was filled with a huge workout crew. Literally almost 100 people!
They all came out for the good weather to run the stairs & do ski conditioning workouts.
There was some fantastic eye candy ; b

Mommy on the Red Rocks!

& me too!

Ta da!

Mommy said push-ups would make us fit in!

We went inside the Red Rocks Museum & looked at the list
of performers who have played there- it dates back to 1908!

Mommy found John Denver!

After our first little taste of adventure, and a bit of exercise,
we took our appetite over to Mountain Sun in Boulder, CO.

Delicious Food. Hippie Charm. Cute Decor. & Board Games. Love this place!

As we continued on our way down Pearl St.
we got a huge treat!
The Boulder Farmer's Market was still running!
Turned around, parked the car, perused the booths,
and photographed the carrots...

The building is the most magical looking tea-house.

On the way over to Pearl St. Mall I sat for a minute with some friends.

Mommy met a pig : D

He was filthy!

We stood on a bridge behind some kids!

Very cool minimalist playground at that ^

Mommy threw her first snowball...AT ME!

I just stood in the snow

After playing on Pearl St. & watching the street performers
we went to Celestial Seasonings !

Dressed to tea-se?

We got tons of tea samples- they have 73 flavors!!!

With warm tea-bellies, we braved the chilly sky outside!

The tour was really really cool!
SO many fun new facts I can share with my tea-loving friends.
Sadly, no pics allowed inside during the tour,
but afterward...



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