Monday, November 1, 2010

Perky Me : D

Today I realized how incredibly happy I am
with my life : D
There are many reasons why &
the following are some thoughts on such matters:

My Poppop just turned 80 years old!

Every weekend I get to talk to the most amazing people in the world: My Family & Friends.

I am fully enjoying my work here at this internship; my coworkers are fantastic.

Planning. We all know I'm a planner ; b

Seriously though, I'm graduating in the Spring & this Summer is going to rock.

Taking spin class with Sue, hulahooping, yoga & trying to do handstands proficiently...

This list has a lot of brevity

but it's only a handful of the things that make me smile.

I think this may become a recurring theme though.

Too much at once could be a little obnoxious- even for this smiley gal ; D


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