Friday, November 26, 2010

A Not-So-Typical Thanksgiving Celebration

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it did not begin just like every other year.

My family is in Florida.
My family is in Texas.
Some family went to Boston.
I'm still in Colorado.

Kelsie and Chris (My coworker & her hubby) picked me up
early in the morning and we went down to the Wellness Center
while it was closed to squeeze in a workout.

I did my very own Treadmill Turkey Trot!

hehe. I ran my 5k watching the Macy's Day Parade.
Now, that is something I am thankful for: My Health.

After a very accomplished feeling morning, we went to
the recently-purchased-oh-so-lovely-home of Kelsie & Chris
to break-in the kitchen with Holiday cooking.

I made Kim O'Donnel's pumpkin pie with a clean little secret
the night before, and worked on my sweet lime glazed roasted
sweet potatoes at their place.

They made a delicious brussel sprouts dish with macadamia nuts,
craisins, parmesean, and onion. Oh. so. good!
Homemade stuffing, and cinnamon ice cream too!

Once the dishes were hot & fresh from the stove
it was time to head to stop #1.
At their friends' house we ate, drank**, and played
at least 27 rounds of Catch Phrase.
haha. Too fun!

**My vodka-cran-mimosa was massive & waaaaay to strong for this gal! I had a few sips and called it quits : b

In the later part of the eve, we went to Brea & Terry's place!
This was where I got to be with all my friends from work.
It was time for round two of dessert...and games!!!

On the menu: homemade gelato: raspberry or blackberry,
chocolate pie, fresh whipped cream, and pumpkin pie from scratch.

Game of choice: Telephone Pictionary.
Yes, that is as awesome and chaotic as it sounds : D

The night began to wind down and I got dropped off back
home around 10 pm. Talk about a fun-filled day.

It was a fun Thanksgiving with friends, but family was
still missed nonetheless. I made many calls throughout the day
and got to hear a lot of familiar voices.
Some I hadn't heard in all too long.

Today is Black Friday:
My purchase of choice. A pre-sale Bonaroo ticket online!
Speaking of purchases, a certain someone bought his ticket out West.
hehe. Now I just have to wait until Dec 10th.

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