Monday, September 27, 2010

A delay... but here's Saturday!

Okay, so this is slightly delayed...but, it's here, it's here!
The new post is here! ; D

On Saturday, Anna was anxious to get outside
(we're having such lovely weather)
so she proposed a hike!

Of course, I was absolutely stoked to go along
for another adventure over the weekend.

Well, we hiked up the Chimney Gulch Trail.
And below, for your viewing pleasure:

Little me, BIG towers.

Those aren't birds up there, those are PARA-GLIDERS!

Anna leading the way- boy, is she quick!

Anna & I at the top!...well, almost.

Like I said before, Chimney Gulch Trail : D

Wow! I'm used to crashing waves- not rolling hills!

Now look a little to the right and way out's Denver!

Buckle-up! Abandoned car-wreck off the mountain.

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