Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 1: Check.

I have finished my first week at the MillerCoors Wellness Center!

And just in time for a long weekend : D
...that I plan to spend doing various school assignments.

The first week was orientation week,
which means we were orientated to the facility
by taking 2,3,4, or 5 fitness classes a day.

I feel pretty good right now,
but yesterday I was a little bit sore.

Also, Juli & I are off to a great start!
We already finished two of the assignments we were given,
and both of us seem to be making great progress on our first projects.

The grand finale to Week 1 was a Brewery Tour!
Look, there's me in knee socks next to a brass kettle.

Okay, so you start here.

Then you move to something more hands-on:

Yes, you can touch!

Guess what their favorite ingredient is?

That's why their located in Golden too.

Oh, by the way...this is the LARGEST Brewery in the WORLD!

They make lots of products.

and they haven't changed their logo much since they started.

So, at the end of the line, you end up in a pub.
Free drinks on tap!
A bunch of the beers they produce,
and even a root beer or N.A. beer for the wee-ones.

The Wellness Center only has Coors Light on tap. Hello? We are a wellness facility!

haha. Juli and I both don't like beer!
So we skipped out on this part.
But, we did decide to come back in Oct/ Nov
to try their Pumpkin Ale!

Oh, and the vending machines cracked me up!
Would you like...


...or Beer Nuts?

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