Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!
Now that it has come & gone- let's do a recap:

For me, it all began on Saturday morning.
Erm, afternoon rather, since I spent the morning
doing my online assignments.

Well, I made it to the Farmer's Market just in time
to grab some lunch before they closed down.

My veggie friendly black bean tamale!

While I sat and ate, I also watched:
Scored some free entertainment : D

After lunch I went to the library,
and then to the park to read.

While I was at the park, I looked over
and spotted this blushing bride:
Isn't her dress lovely?

Finally, on my way home I was greeted with
about a 2-mile long strip of this:

Really sweet old hot rods! I saw a make & model for ever year cars have existed.

Then, that lazy day, Sunday, came along.

I ran some errands on my way into town,
and then went to the CSM soccer fields.
I watched my cousin's friend, Allie, play. Mines lost. Boo.

I went to yoga.
I cleaned the studio.

Then, Monday came along and I set out on a mission!

My Goal: Red Rocks or Bust!

I have wanted to visit the Red Rocks Ampitheratre since
I borrowed (& accidentally held onto for over a year)
my friend Jeff's Incubus DVD from a show they did there.

The first stop, Kohl's.
Armed with coupons, I had important matters to attend to.

And more biking.
Biking against the wind biking.
Biking uphill biking.
Biking in a no-humidity thirst inducing climate biking.
So, yeah- it wasn't that far...and I biked.

After a wrong turn or so, I saw this.

But, I knew I was there with this!
Wow! Sadly, no climbing

But, that is just on the side of this:
The Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Click above for info!

People come here to run the stairs & work out.
Apparently, there are impromptu drum circles here too.
I am dying to go back for one now!

In case you have somehow missed all possible memos
I am, in fact, in CO:

Here's proof. A map.

Here's what the place looks like, kinda...
What is this!? The Red Rocks Amphitheater for Kids that Don't Hear Good for Ants!?

Just some silly shadow play to throw into the mix!
Now let's go inside for a look.

Headed over to the Visitor's Center
you can find a ton of cool memorabilia about their performers.

You can listen to audio clips of past performances.
You can watch cool videos in their little home theater room.

There's even a big wall filled with a list of every performance to date!
They list it by year:
In case you were wondering...

At the end there's a room with old concert posters
and a ceiling full of prayer flags : D

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