Friday, September 24, 2010

An Aspen Drive

What an amazing afternoon!

I got off of work today at 2p.m.
and Al, a frequent Wellness Center member,
offered to take me for a drive through the mountains.

To see some aspen trees
as the leaves begin to change...To see some silly does playing peek-a-boo
behind a tree or two.

To continue to go all the way up to 14,250 feet!
That's above the timber line. (No mo' trees!)
Looking down at the lake below,
and far away at the rolling mountains.
We went higher, and higher and the
temperature went lower and lower!
(Down to 46* at the top!)
So this was the final stop...
because there was too much snow ahead to drive
further on the narrow, winding roads. But, looking to the right, it looked pretty dry.
And on the way home we saw a whole bunch
of ELK on the side of the high-way!

Right now the Elk are bugling- their mating call.

What a great adventure today : D
Definitely full of unexpected sights!

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