Thursday, September 23, 2010

A very productive lunchtime meeting

During today's lunchtime meeting we received a very generous donation
from one of our Wellness Center patrons.
A trunk full of beer!
The catch?
Walk out the door and help her bring it into our office.
From here the great beer swapping ensued.
My original grab: A 24-bottle case of Blue Moon.
My final case of trades includes:
  • 2 bottles Miller Light
  • 4 bottles Killian's Red
  • 4 bottles Coors Light
  • and the 14 remaining bottles of Blue Moon

Coming from a non-beer drinker I was pretty excited to have something

other than tea and water to offer to my future guests : b

The beer is first-come-first-serve, I'll be taking reservations at the Temporary Casa De La Silverman through December.**

**For booking, please call, text, e-mail, or write : D

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