Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A rainy Wednesday post

It's been rainy here the past two days!

Which is strange considering they had a record high temp of 96* on Sunday.

I still have another hour and a half of work,

but since I'm at the front desk...I figured

Why not post? It has been a while!

So, today my day did not start out per the usual.

Instead I went to the Glass Plant!

I got to see the factory where they were currently making this bottle:

It was so cool!

I have never seen anything like it.

It's a factory with a ton of molten glass shooting around above you.

Just blinding NEON ORANGE lights.

Then it gets deposited below into a mold.

Out pops a fluorescent orange bottle! (with a vortex top)

From there it goes down the line in a conveyor belt system.

It slowly cools and tempers.

All the usual factory stuff of testing to ensure it's a quality product goes on.

I spent 2 hours shadowing the Physical Therapist from here at the Wellness Center.

She does these special tests in Ergonomics to make sure the job is safe for workers.

All very interesting & a great learning experience : D

Also, today I ate a mammoth orange.

No Lie!

If a Woolly Mammoth was reincarnated as a fruit, then that is what I ate.

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  1. very cool (about the glass place!) and your Shadowing experience. And what about that orange?!