Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Climb: Castle Rock

DAY 2: As an intern.
I got a badge!
Which makes things even more official ; b

The day started off just like any other.
I woke up at 5:something a.m.
I went to the BootCamp Class that Jenn
teaches, which consisted of jogging up to Castle Rock. -_-

Castle Rock's elevation: roughly 6,200 ft.
Fort Myers, FL's elevation: around 7 to 10 ft.
Again, perspective here...

See Bambi!?

First, there were deer!

Then, there was a view.
OMG! Check that out. Good morning, Golden!

So, there's a group of like 8 of us.
Jogging up the small mountain,
stopping for dips, squats, push-up,
or maybe a breath of freaking air!

Almost to the top of Castle Rock!

Finally, getting to the top.
Ah! Look at that view.
Hello tiny town below.
Oh, wait. Now we work out?
Good warm up guys...

Jenn leading the group with some resistance training.

Also, here's a quick video I tried to be
sneaky about shooting during that class.
Yes, the audio is crap again.
But, I did figure out how to do that subtitle thing : D
So enjoy!

Okay, and after the bootcamp my day went like this:
Balance & Strength class.
Volleyball with the Coors retirees.
Shadowing front desk.
Rock Bottom class (lower body).
Lunch Crunch class (core).
More shadowing desk hours.
Talk to the P.T. about scheduling, etc.
Got a badge!

Ta Da!
All done by 2 pm.
Boy an early day sure goes fast!

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  1. "Altitude" says it all! This is crazy! Now you are kickin' my #@) and making your Aunt Leslie look bad with my wimpy little hikes! I see I have some catching up to do. Proud of you, girl! And remember to take in the scenery --yes, smell the roses or cacti---along the way. It's the journey....