Saturday, August 7, 2010


<-- Sexi mamasita and me : D

So for the past 5 or 6 years it's been a birthday tradition for mi madre and I to celebrate via Mexican food.
The usual restauranté of choice: Mi Pubelo! OLE!

On the menu for the 21st year...
drum roll please...
(and they didn't even ID me...really people!?)

The typical birthday meehhicaahnnno experiencé goes something like this:
Friends. Food. Fun.And.Then.A.BIG.Sombrero.filled with lice.On.Yo.Head!

Me, Mom, Maria, Marsha, & Vicky.

Dinner was a blast & delicious :D
After dinner Marsha, Mommy, and me headed over to Manasota Beach
to search for shark teeth.
I hadn't done that in years!

There was a lovely sunset to be seen (see above).
And mommy and I got to talk about!

Thank you all for a wonderful end to my 21st birthday celebrations!

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  1. Love these photos!!!! Looks like a grand time! =)