Monday, August 30, 2010

New places, New faces: Work Edition.

Today was my first day as an intern for MillerCoors Wellness Center!
Juli, the other intern, and I took yoga and spin today
as part of our orientation...amongst paperwork/ quizzes.

Juli et moi!

Our internship coordinator, Jenn, is super nice & easy-going!

Jenn et moi!

Tomorrow is a really early day for us.
We start work at 6a.m. because we're taking:
The Bootcamp Class.

This afternoon, I asked Jenn what exactly the class was...
so apparently we'll be hiking North Table Mountain
to work out on top of Castle Rock.

Which looks a little something like this:
The path is on the left hand side.

Just as a point of reference, in the mornings when I see people on top of
Castle Rock, they look like little ants!

Tomorrow will be the ultimate test of my adaption to this altitude : D

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