Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I have WHEELS!

Yesterday, Anna drove me to a place called Heritage Square
so that I could pick up my bike from the Golden Optimists.
I had no idea what this place was, I only knew it wasn't very far from where we live.

Well, we drove up some parking lot back roads...and I first saw this:

The warehouse!

Since no one was there yet, we began to roam.

So, when I tuned around I saw this:
Teeny- tiny train tracks.

Anna and I went looking for Marty and Emma.

Turns out they had found this:
Heritage Square is a permanent carnival!?

They were on their 6th hole of putt putt.
18 holes of mini-golf. Watch out for snakes...

They even have swan boats & a Ferris-wheel!

Up the hill from the carnival is The Alpine Slide:
See the zig zags? You slide down the mountain! Ahhh!

After killing some time, I got this:

The big reveal: My WHEELS!

Hey guys!
I have wheels!**
And before I left they gave me a basket-
now I am totally tricked ouuut!
: D

**I live in a valley. There are 2 types of roads in Golden: uphill and downhill. The downhill feels very very fast. The uphill feels very very s-l-o-w.

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  1. This is a hoot! Loved your discovery about the perks, pikes, and peaks of living in a valley!