Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheap Treasures!

Hello again.
I already have more to say in the same day! This morning was the
Farmer's Market
located in Historic downtown Golden.

I walked over to meet Allie there
so that we could get some crêpes in our bellies : D
They were fraiche and delicious.

It was bustling there with locals & their pets.
There was a booth there for everybody:
  • Local Produce
  • Baked Goods
  • Jams/ Jellies
  • Food vendors
  • Pet friendly treats
  • Treatment booths
  • Information booths
  • A great musician!
But, my absolute favorite had to be this one:
A puppeteer!
Front row Fido.

Yes, the kids loved the show.
H{ll, even I loved the show!
But, that pup couldn't get enough of the dog puppet!

Allie dropped me off at Goodwill,
because today they had a 1/2 off sale!
50% off Goodwill!?!?

The results were as follows:
Money can't buy happiness, but $14 can buy a lot of nifty things ; b

Not all of my loot pictured above is from Goodwill,
I also stopped at a garage sale on my way home.

My $14 got me:
  1. 2 cute halter tops
  2. 2 spiral notebooks
  3. a big wooden salad bowl
  4. 2 woven baskets
  5. a glass photo frame
  6. fun swizzle stick ice maker tray
  7. a sun hat
  8. a knit hat with ear flaps
  9. a cute leaf wall hook
  10. 10-pack of coasters
  11. a reed flute from 10,000 villages
  12. a small oil burning candle
  13. that huge cork board!
  14. they let me keep all the tacks! Does that count? : D

1 comment:

  1. Bahaha, the tacks count. & cool finds!
    Tallahassee's farmer/flea market is pretty sweet too, when I was up there over the summer we'd go pick up delicious fruits (MANGOES!!) & produce for cheap, and make veggie lunch on Saturdays. :)