Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a Golden idea!

Yesterday...I hitched a ride into town with Anna,
her sis, and her friend to meet with Allie for lunch.
Allie is my cousin Aimee's friend who happens to go to CSM,
an engineering college here in town.

Allie's roomie joined us too,
and we went to one of the top picks in Golden: D'Deli!
It's so nice to be meeting all these friendly faces so soon after my arrival!

After lunch, I set out to explore the town a bit more.Stop 1: Coors Wellness Center.
Yes, when you walk into the wellness center- they have a tiny beer garden with Coors on tap.
So I got a tour of the old grocery store gone fitness facility, and I even got to meet their current intern from summer.
(I scanned the intern for any dangerous warning signals;
I couldn't check her vitals, but all appeared to be ok.

Stop 2: Golden Public Library
Located right next to a busy section of Clear Creek and the Fire Dept.
I was on a mission: Get library card.
What better resource to have in a new town?Behind the library.

The librarian even asked me which card I wanted- wait, I get options here?
There were pictures of nature, wildlife, sports, lots of CO things...
However, I chose sea glass. You got it, sea glass.
Hmm. I guess that's just the Florida girl in me : b

I went home in the late afternoon and rode the bus back into town that eve.
I rode down to 10th & Washington where Parfet Park is located.
Also, where they show free movies in the park on some Fridays during summertime.

It was packed!

This Friday's viewing: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!
Lying back and watching that big screen in the dark,
I looked up, hopeful to see more of the meteor shower.
I saw 2 shooting stars!
& a really cute movie.

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