Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where has the weekend gone?

Every moment seems to pass so quickly.
I cannot believe the amount of stuff I have done,
when I haven't even been here a full 2 weeks yet!

On Friday night there was another movie in the park:

It was a lot of fun! Packed with families and kids picnicking.
Marty, his new roomie Joe, and two of their floor-mates came too!

On Saturday, I did some more yoga.
Later that night Anna and I cooked dinner,
and Trever brought over a bottle of Funk Llama.

This morning I volunteered at the Fine Arts Festival here in Golden.
It is a sunny day here and I am currently taking refuge in the library ;b

This evening I'll be taking another yoga class...surprise!?
After class I will begin my first cleaning gig over at Vital Yoga.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that school starts tomorrow?
I hadn't thought too much of it except now I can't log on to
Facebook and not see statues' filled with sincere goodbyes to
the Florida sun.

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