Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yoga is Vital

There's a beautiful studio in downtown Golden
called Vital Yoga.
They have a free week long trial for newbies,
et voila! That's me : D

Yesterday was my first day & I totally took advantage of it.
I did a double!
Yoga at 11:30 and another at 4:30.

The first class was a vinyasa (all levels)
and it ended up just being 3 of us- teacher included.
So we got to do a little more play and 1/2 of the class was practicing
inversions on the wall- so fun!

Our teacher, Megan, spoke of karma's counterpart:
She made the whole concept this beautiful story
that flowed throughout the whole of class.

The latter class was called "Vital Roots"
which is their own version of a heated yoga class.
Not kept as hot as Bikram and it's
their own series of poses,
each held for about a minute.

The teachers were both inspiring!
The imagery when they spoke was just amazing.

After class I was chatting on the phone with my momma,
when I suddenly realized I had sat in sap.
Enough sap to go through my pants and my bathing suit.
I was a total sappy-@$$.

I didn't want to ruin my new bike seat,
so I took the bus home.
Check out my baby on board!

While I waited to board I saw some jouster's jousting too.
On guard! Touche!

And now I am off to do more yoga!

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