Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner at The Sherpa House

I did some more yoga...of course.
Then I called John at Vital Yoga
to respond to their karma yoga exchange.

We're meeting today to discuss my new role as:
Maid Saige! hehe.
I'm going to clean the yoga studio on
Monday nights for a few hours;
earning myself unlimited yoga at any of their locations!

How sweet is that!?

Well, Emma (Anna's sister) had one final request
before the airport yesterday:

Then it was time for the sisters to go onward
to the airport in Denver.

I tagged along with Marty to the Mine's Campus
so that he could get stuff done,
and I could get in some impromptu sight-seeing.

As we began our trek back home,
there was a light drizzling from above.
In order to wait out the storm we decided
to grab some grub.

There are plenty of bars around since I am
living in the land of breweries.
However, we went for something a little more
fulfilling: The Sherpa House!

["My family and I are delighted to present our
authentic Himalayan cuisine and
traditional Sherpa culture
to you."

Culture is on the menu!

The people that work here are lovely!
The food was great and overall it was
such a fun experience.
I had the best chai tea here!
This will be my favorite little place to stop in and warm up during the cold months ahead!

We ate in this cool back room with great windows.
We both ordered Daal Batt-
1 vegetarian, and 1 yak.
Can you guess which was mine?


Marty moves out of my new room today and into CSM!
...and he's leaving his camera collection for me to play with : D

Daal Batt, Naan bread (1 onion, 1 garlic), lentil soup, chai tea, sweet lassi!

The Stack-a-bowls!

The fun with Nepalese food is that traditional Daal Batt
is served like so:
a big plate with small bowls.
  1. rice
  2. main dish (veggie or meat) in sauce
  3. veggies
  4. more veggies
  5. lentil soup
You dump the rice and top it with the rest.
The soup you can add to taste if the rice is too dry.

For dessert we got Kheer and Ambrosia.
So many left overs...we brought the sweets home too!

After dinner, the stormy showers had passed,
and we were greeted with a double rainbow!
Hard to see, but there's one a little more to the left as well!


  1. That's a neat arrangement for unlimited yoga! and the food looked really good.. I love naan bread :3

  2. It was almost a triple rainbow

  3. We are so happy that you had a good time at our restaurant. We hope to see you again soon
    Lhakpa Sherpa