Thursday, August 5, 2010

I came, I saw, ...and was I gone before I knew it!

Wow! New York went by fast!
Granted, it was only a week long trip- but, boy time sure flies when you're having fun (and spending time with your adorable 2 year old cuz)! So I arrived to New York on the morning of the 29th for a day in the city. We stayed at Lisa and Jack's lovely apartment with their two boys, Dylan & Jake.
We wandered a bit during the day, E.O. had his first ice cream cone, we went to Lincoln Square to catch some free tunes.

Deciding what is liked, Doing what is liked, and Loving what you're doing!

The following day, Leslie and I were able to slip away- leaving E.O. with Jolly- so that we could squeeze in some yoga! We went to PURE- if you're ever in the city...GO! It was such a fun, simple, urban design in there! Plus they have 6 different studios after you descend their stairs from the entrance and down to the front desk to check in with a "yoga adviser."
Stacey picked us up and zoom- away we went to Goshen, NY. Her in-laws had the sweetest farm there that had been in the family for generations. Highlights here were:
  • A namesake horse named, Saige!
  • A dinner with all the freshness of a farm: corn on the cob, tomatoes, blackberries.
  • Picking some of the freshest fruits and enjoying their deliciousness straight from nature : D
  • A tire swing.
  • Bails of hay.
  • An old piano.
  • Two more adorable kids added to the camper crew: Max & Madison.
We got to the campsite after sunset and Stacey's macho-hubby, Rich, set up the GIANT tent that the first 7 campers to arrive crashed in. Even with all the body heat, it was a very chilly night...

The next morning we awoke early and began out breakky feast! Homemade (gluten-free) oats with banana, raisins, almond slivers, cinnamon, and a few blueberries. Some eggs fresh from a neighborhood coop were cooked up too!
Then we began out 2 hour hiking adventure! The kids were great, and E.O. even squeezed in a nap.
We got back in time for lunch and the rest of the gang to arrive. Stacey's cousin Wendy came, Lisa, Jack, Jake, and Dylan came in from the city, and Susan & Joel came as well with their precious daughter Talia in tow. (Talia is the "younger woman" in E.O.'s life. She lives in California, but his love makes the distance work.)

There was another feast prepared for lunch and dinner as I recall. With some wonderfully fresh ingredients : b Somewhere in between all that nourishment were some very fun-filled activities, such as:

  • Biking.
  • Kayaking.
  • Swimming.
  • Lounging on big rocks & reading a book : D
  • Laying in the hammock and reading more book! hehe.
  • Photographing- Nature & Cute kids!
  • Frisbee, Green Grass, Sunshine, S'mores, and Vino!
The following day we had campers scattered between two sites, and could stop for breakky at either one to energize us for camp deconstruction. Then we rounded the troops...I believe we're up to the grand total of 15 now, and set out on another hiking expedition.
There was some more playtime in the afternoon, before we all had to bid each other adieu. (By the way, these ladies are my Aunt's friends from college. What a cool reunion!)
The cars ventured on different path's and the Prius route sent Leslie, Ethan, Stacey, and I to Long Island. We got there in time for dinner, where Stacy prepared a scrumptious baked quesedilla of cilantro hummus and roasted red pepper. Did I mention she serves her meals with homemade pickles, as in she picks the cucumbers fresh from her garden and makes her own delicious brine for them to soak in! How cool is that!?

There was some play time in the back yard, some phone calls to the family not currently in NY, and then a few final hours with Leslie and E.O. before I headed to Port Jefferson Station.
Christian arrived in the eve, once all the kids were sleepily tucked in...except Ethan, who had napped the entire 3 hour drive to the island.

It was a short ride to Port Jeff filled with some belated birthday surprises from Aunt Bunny and Christian : D
Yes, he got me the loveliest earrings in the entire world for my birthday. They are very much my taste and style! I'm such a lucky gal : D

The next day we played with Rhino, got NY egg sandwiches, went down port, climbed a tree, looked in shops & galleries, had some ice cream, "littered" in the trash can, hiked up a treacherous sand mountain, saw a topless tanner, stopped into Tequila Jacks and had a Lemonade cocktail (because we're 21 now and can do these things!), went back to his mom's to make some fish & asparagus on the grill, then Nicole picked us up to go to Randall's and meet up with Eddie too.

The four of us sat out back on the patio and the conversation went to this- "if necessary, call off work tomorrow because we're going to six flags in NJ!"

So at 12:30 a.m. it was decided that we would all venture out to The Garden State for some roller coasters.
We went, we rode, I screamed...a lot!

screams from saige silverman on Vimeo.

We got back to Port Jeff at 1a.m. and realized that my plane ride back to the Fort was the next day. So after debating planes, trains, and automobiles, Christian & I ventured out in the 1990 Lexus...haha to JFK. Saying farewell at the security sent me back to the reality that I leave for CO in 4 days now! Ay caramba! But, since I currently have the time I tapped away on my keyboard long enough to leave you folks with some evening reading : b

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
Ciao : D


  1. Omg!! That looks like so much fun :D I love the hiking pictures, we have to plan an amazing trip one day to do that somewhere! I would love to go!

    p.s. when I post this it says its from anonymous, its really from Marlina haha

  2. What a great blog and I LOVE your first entry. You are such a great writer ---I have read it over twice already. So much fun. I am really excited to follow your travels in the months ahead. You will have to let me know on e you get to Golden when might be a good time for EO and I to visit.

    aunt leslie

  3. Marlina! I knew it was you! You're not as sneaky as you thought (hehe. and I recognized that username : b)
    We definitely will have to plan an amazing adventure! You, me, and Aleyse would have so much fun! hehe.

    Thanks Aunt Leslie! I really enjoying doing this as a way to store my memories and share them with others too! hehe. Glad you liked it yourself! I will definitely keep you posted about visiting hours. : b

  4. LOVE the blog!!! I see it runs in the family. You made my husband's day by calling him macho :) We loved having you join us-you are welcome back ANY time! Can't wait to hear all about your Colorado adventures from your aunt. I'm emailing you the recipes for the quesadilla and pickles... Stacey

  5. Stacey- I could easily go on to talk about his knowledge of physics and how that helped to assemble your wacky Australian tent! haha.

    Thank you! I may have to take you up on the offer someday! Thanks again for the recipes too : D