Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day that calls for hooping : D

A day that calls for hooping.

I woke up early this morning and went to the
Farmer's Market in Downtown Golden : D

After I had had my share of deliciousness
I thought, "well, I don't really want to go home yet...
I want to hula hoop!"

So I went down the street to the new
consignment shop in town and bought one.

Parked my bike near a tree.
And had some silly fun!

Okay, so here's Step 1.
First, play the song below. There's nothing to see there...
unless you like the windows media psychedelic screen.

Just some great audio.
This song has come on in every store I've been in during the past 2 days.
It's from 500 days of Summer. It's stuck in my head.

Next, comes Step 2.
While you have the lovely song, Sweet Disposition, playing go ahead and start playing, or loading, the youtube vid below. Turn the sound off on that one. Just clicky camera noise.

Step 3, is only if you like the above and want some more sunshine hooping happiness.
If not, then just wait until the song ends- and leave. Ciao!

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